What are the similarities between EMSculpt Neo and EMSculpt?

Post-pregnancy tummy issues

Both treatments help individuals to achieve fat reduction and muscle toning. They also restore muscle wall strength, which particularly aids women who may have suffered muscle separation in the rectus abdominis or stomach area during pregnancy. In such cases, both treatments can help return abdominal muscles to their flat position, reducing muscle separation by 19%.

Non-surgical benefits

Both treatments also benefit from being completely non-surgical, meaning that patients can achieve results without any downtime or surgery. They both:

  • Tone up muscles and reduce fat
  • Require no anesthetic or downtime thanks to their non-surgical nature
  • Generate clinically-proven results with their FDA-approved technologies
  • Yield visible fat-reduction and muscle-toning results after just 4 treatments

What are the differences in benefits between EMSculpt Neo and EMSculpt?

EMSculpt Neo’s upgraded technology creates different benefits to the classic EMSculpt procedure by combining fat-melting RF energy with HIFEM. However, both treatments still enhance the muscle, body and skin in several key ways:

  • Muscle: EMSculpt increases muscle mass by 16%, while EMSculpt Neo increases muscle mass by 25%.
  • Body fat: EMSculpt helps patients to achieve 19% fat loss, with a 96% average patient satisfaction rate. EMSculpt Neo helps to drive further fat loss in patients with more fat to remove by generating 35% fat reduction after 3 months of treatment.
  • Skin: While body contouring is the main goal of both treatments, they also offer some skin tightening benefits by reducing sagging pockets of fat and strengthening muscle tone.

Booking the best treatment

The best way to decide whether EMSculpt or EMSculpt Neo is right for your own body-contouring needs is to book a consultation with one of our expert clinicians. During the consultation, we can assess the areas you would like to treat while listening to your body goals and evaluating your lifestyle habits. This enables our practitioners to assess your suitability for each treatment while enabling them to put forward a treatment plan that gives you the best results.

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