1. Depiction 

Fractora is the most developed fragmentary radio-recurrence treatment giving enemy of maturing enhancements for skin tone and surface for a progressively brilliant appearance through removal and skin reemerging. 

Thermage is a facial and body treatment to fix and lift the skin by invigorating the arrangement of collagen. 

Collagen takes a while to deliver, the Thermage Radio Frequency mass warming system animates new collagen, which step by step frames (more than 3-6 months) and over this time the patient can hope to see a more full, progressively conditioned and lifted appearance. 

2. Preferred position 

The advantage of Thermage Monopolar Radio Frequency it that the mass warming focuses on the collagen-rich layers of the dermis invigorating the creation of new collagen yet the RF likewise goes along the stringy septea making them agreement and give a shaping impact. 

● No Surgery or Injections : Thermage FLX is non-intrusive, no cutting, no needles. 

A SingleTreatment 

● One speedy treatment (30 to an hour and a half relying upon the treatment region) can convey exceptional outcomes for most patients. 

● Fast andComfortable: Designed to convey greatest outcomes in a short, agreeable system. 

● Little to No Downtime: Go directly back to life not surprisingly – no compelling reason to miss work or fun. 

● Lasting Results: Results improve after some time and can keep going for years.* *Recommended by doctors as a component of a yearly skin restoration upkeep program. 

● Multiple Treatment Areas: Treats wrinkles and free skin on the face, around the eyes and on the body. 

3. How it functions 

As we age, the collagen that keeps our skin firm separates bringing about maturing skin that contains almost negligible differences and wrinkles. 

A Thermage treatment utilizes radiofrequency innovation to warm the more profound, collagen-rich layers of the skin. The applied warmth makes collagen contract and urges new collagen to begin growing.This makes smoother skin after only one treatment with results that keep on improving. 

4. Proccedure 


There is no vacation with Thermage. The face will just seem somewhat flushed for the principal hour after treatment. 

A few patients have brief redness or minor growing after treatment, yet this typically disappears inside 24 hours. 

Most patients come back to their standard exercises promptly following treatment. No extraordinary consideration is required a short time later, beside essential skin upkeep and sunscreens as a major aspect of a normal skincare routine. 

5. Treatment Areas 

The entire face and neck, the midsection, bottom, arms, knees, thighs. Extraordinary for Lax and free skin, flimsy skin, hanging facial structure, crepey skin over the knees. 

6. Result 

While new collagen takes a while to deliver, existing collagen fixes. You will see some underlying fixing, notwithstanding, the full advantages of the treatment are progressively evident following 4-6 months. The skin will seem more tight and smoother. 

For most patients, quantifiable outcomes show up bit by bit in the two to a half year following a solitary treatment meeting and can keep going for 1-2 years relying upon your skin condition and maturing process.* 

*Recommended by doctors as a major aspect of a yearly skin restoration upkeep program. 

7. Best Candidates 

Any individual who’s skin needs some fixing and for the individuals who are starting to see the impacts of collagen exhaustion. The majority of our patients are more than 35. 

8. Contraindicated applicants 

It isn’t appropriate for pregnant ladies and as no effective sedative is utilized it is reasonable for breastfeeding ladies