1. Portrayal 

PicoWay is a FDA-cleared picosecond laser that treats skin inflammation scars, wrinkles, considerate pigmented injuries (dull spots) and tattoo evacuation. PicoWay first got known for its tattoo and shade evacuation capacities, however it is presently becoming being used for skin inflammation scars and wrinkles. 

PicoWay utilizes diverse handpieces and laser frequencies for treatment of these conditions. The PicoWay Zoom handpieces treat tattoo evacuation and dim spots. Furthermore, the PicoWay Resolve handpieces treat skin break out scars and wrinkles. 

PicoWay has the most brief heartbeat durations* of any accessible picosecond laser for stylish use. PicoWay offers viable medicines with low to no personal time following treatment. 

The PicoWay® framework conveys high pinnacle power and the briefest heartbeat durations6 for a non-warm, photoacoustic impact that changes skin from within out.1-5 With this astoundingly creative picosecond laser, you can: 

· Significantly improve skin inflammation scars and wrinkles with a progression of snappy, 15-to 20-minute medicines, with low to no personal time. 

· Address a scope of generous pigmented injuries with adaptability inside and out and spot size. 

· Treat a wide scope of tattoos. Indeed, even hard to-treat blue and green tattoos. 

anyway , to decide if picosure or picoway is progressively reasonable for your skin type , counsel your own primary care physician for the most appropriate machine . 

2. Preferred position 

Clinical proof. Studies have demonstrated that PicoWay lasers can convey: 

1. Decreased skin inflammation scarring after only three medicines. 

2. High paces of progress in wrinkle seriousness. 

3. A high pace of kind pigmented sore leeway. 

4. Expulsion of multi-shaded tattoos. 

Solace. The PicoWay Resolve framework utilizes a delicate way to deal with building new collagen and elastin in the treatment of skin break out scars and wrinkles. 

Low to no personal time. In short, 15-to 20-minute treatment meetings, the PicoWay Resolve framework changes skin while leaving the epidermis unblemished. So patients can return to their lives rapidly, without noteworthy symptoms. 

Photoacoustic impact. Ultra-short heartbeats empower the solid photoacoustic sway expected to viably break color particles without overheating encompassing skin tissues. 

3. How it functions 

All PicoWay medicines utilize a picosecond laser with high force and the most brief laser beats accessible. A picosecond is a trillionth of a second! The ultra-short heartbeats with PicoWay are significant in light of the fact that they lead to a “photoacoustic” impact that abstains from warming the skin instead of a photothermal (or warmth) approach that warms the skin and can prompt symptoms, for example, personal time and scarring. 

Since PicoWay utilizes ultra-short laser beats, the outcome is a laser that has low to no vacation after treatment. Clients can continue typical exercises and even apply cosmetics over skin inflammation scar or wrinkle rewarded skin inside a day of treatment. 

The PicoWay laser comes to under the skin for its effect, leaving the external layer of the skin unblemished. The ultra-short heartbeats disintegrate their objectives before the skin gets the opportunity to overheat. Targets can be color from a tattoo, melanin in the skin that causes dim spots, or zones in the dermis (a layer under the external skin) where little spaces can be made to permit space for new collagen and elastin development in the treatment of skin break out scars and wrinkles. 

4. Proccedure 

a. 疗程时间 

b. 疗程之后 

c. Symptoms 

There is no personal time with PicoSure Focus facials. Patients may encounter erythema that normally settle inside a couple of hours, yet at times, may wait as long as 24 hours. Since every patient is extraordinary, we strongly prescribe following the laid out clinical rules to help enhance security and adequacy before treatment. 

5. Treatment Areas 

6. Result 

Contingent upon the condition rewarded, you might have the option to consider starting to be as ahead of schedule as after the principal treatment. Ordinarily, various treatment meetings are required. For instance, a clinical investigation of generous pigmented sores found that after 2 medicines, 87% of injuries had a least decent reaction (>50% had a decent reaction or better). 

With PicoWay Resolve treatment, most patients revealed low degrees of torment during treatment for wrinkles and mellow to no uneasiness for skin break out scar treatment. 

7. 适合的人群 

On the off chance that you are searching for a laser treatment that demonstrations underneath the outside of the skin and offers low to no personal time, PicoWay might be the correct laser for you. Inquire as to whether PicoWay can help limit your skin break out scars or wrinkles, of on the off chance that it can evacuate annoying dull spots or tattoos that you do not need anymore. 

8. Contraindicated competitors 

PicoWay is FDA cleared for specific uses: skin break out scars, wrinkles, dim spots and tattoo evacuation. In the event that you are searching for other laser treatment, for example, hair evacuation, at that point PicoWay isn’t the treatment for you. 

While PicoWay works over an expansive scope of skin types, contingent upon the frequency required for your treatment, PicoWay may not be the best treatment for your skin type. 

PicoWay is a treatment that ordinarily includes treatment over a progression of treatment meetings, so that is a significant thought in your treatment choice. A PicoWay treatment specialist can walk you through your treatment needs and will be the best hotspot for deciding if PicoWay is directly for you. 


• Lighten undesirable color AND increment collagen and elastin 

• Convenient 15-minute medicines without the inconvenience or vacation of other laser choices 

In the event that at-home medicines don’t appear to have any kind of effect, a healthy skin master or your social insurance supplier can help with your medicines. 


Dermabrasion is one of the best and normal medicines for facial scars. While it utilizes a similar general rule as the microdermabrasion packs you can do at home, human services suppliers utilize a wire brush or a wheel to all the more profoundly peel the top layer of the skin. 

Best for: Scars near the surface like shallow car or moving scars. Be that as it may, further scars may likewise turn out to be less recognizable. 

Concoction strips 

These aren’t the sort of face covers you marathon watch your preferred indulgence with. A concoction strip is a solid corrosive that is utilized to expel the top layer of the skin to diminish further scars. 

Some substance strips are sufficiently mellow to be utilized at home, however your social insurance supplier can give a more grounded arrangement progressively sensational outcomes. 

There are various sorts of synthetic strips, so it’s ideal to converse with your social insurance supplier about which one is directly for you. 

Best for: All sorts of skin break out scars, regularly utilized for more profound scars. 

Laser reemerging 

Much like a concoction strip and dermabrasion, laser reemerging expels the top layer of the skin. This treatment regularly has a quicker recuperating time than other reemerging medicines. 

Be that as it may, you need to keep the region secured with a gauze until it’s totally recuperated. This treatment is likewise not a decent choice for any individual who’s despite everything getting breakouts, and it’s not as viable on darker skin tones. 

Best for: All skin break out scars and lighter skin tones. 


Social insurance suppliers use fillers to fill in skin break out scars and help even out the skin. The fillers can be made with collagen, your own fat, or a business filler. They’re infused under the outside of the skin to help stout up and smooth out discouraged scars. 

Most fillers last somewhere in the range of 6 and year and a half before they should be revamped, however some are changeless. 

Best for: Someone with few freight car or moving scars. 


This more up to date treatment utilizes a little, handheld, needle-studded roller or hand held “pen” on the outside of the scars. The needles cut the desensitized skin — yet don’t experience it like a shot! As the skin recuperates, it makes collagen. 

There’s proof to propose that microneedling lessens the profundity of skin inflammation scars, however this treatment can take as long as 9 months to see changes as indicated by the American Academy of Dermatology. Outside of the slight dread factor, it’s a protected treatment that works for all skin tones. 

Best for: Depressed skin inflammation scars. 


There are a couple of various prescriptions that can be infused into raised scars to help relax and level them including corticosteroids and chemotherapy drugs fluorouracil (5-FU) and interferons. The infusions are generally proceeded as an arrangement with one like clockwork. 

Best for: Raised scars. 

Minor in-office medical procedure 

From the outset brush, it may appear to be insane to evacuate a scar and conceivably supplant it with another one, however dermatologists or plastic specialists can expel a truly perceptible scar and abandon a little scar that will blur with time. 

A medicinal services supplier can likewise lift the scar by relaxing the filaments underneath it to help carry it closer to the surface so it’s less observable. This system is called subcision. 

Best for: Deep discouraged scars and raised scars. 

The takeaway 

Skin break out scars can be disappointing, however there are numerous medicines that can make them less recognizable. Most scars are perpetual, yet a social insurance supplier can assist you with finding the correct treatment to help diminish the presence of your scars. 

The most ideal approach to treat a skin inflammation scar is to forestall it in any case. 

You’re more averse to create skin inflammation scars on the off chance that you break out less. Abstain from picking, popping, or pressing any breakout, regardless of how enticing, to forestall aggravating the skin and harming the hidden tissue, which can prompt scars.