1. Compared with the 5 nanosecond or 750 picosecond pulse of ordinary lasers, the ultrashort pulse of PicoWay has a shorter pulse time of 375 picoseconds and produces more optical shock effects. The optical shock energy effect is 180 times that of traditional lasers. The advantage of more optical shock effects is that it causes less thermal damage and greatly improves the comfort of treatment.

Picoway super picosecond
Shorter pulse width Unique 300ps-450ps ultra-fast pulse, which can greatly reduce thermal damage and at the same time turn melanin into a dust state, which can be metabolized quickly and achieve faster results.

2. Ultra-short pulse width PicoWay has a short pulse width, the shorter the pulse width, the stronger the instantaneous energy, so it can decompose the pigment particles into smaller ones, effectively destroy melanin, and directly shorten the treatment time and frequency. Stronger spot PicoWay perfect projection full-light spot matrix energy uniformity, less thermal damage, greatly improved treatment comfort, less side effects, short recovery period, strong destructive power in spot removal, and can remove difficult-to-remove small particle pigments.

3. Innovative 3 kinds of wavelengths The world’s first equipped with 3 kinds of wavelengths 1064, 532, 785, which act on the skin at different depths, realize comprehensive freckle removal, and penetrate to the bottom of the skin flawlessly.

4. Dual-wavelength holographic diffraction laser technology Advanced holographic technology, direct to the deep layer of the dermis, more uniform light spots, no energy loss, and remarkable effects on skin texture and photoaging. Go deeper Holographic focusing technology penetrates deep into the dermis to form LIBO (cavitation effect) to perfectly remove pigmentation, and at the same time generate new collagen and elastic fibers through the skin healing mechanism.


1、超短脉冲 和一般激光的5纳秒或者750皮秒脉冲相比,PicoWay的375皮秒脉冲时间更短,产生的光震效应更多,光震能效应是传统雷射的180倍,光震效应多的好处是造成的热伤害少,治疗舒适度大大提升。 


更短脉宽 独有300ps-450ps超快脉,最大幅度降低热损伤的同时可将黑色素成为粉尘状态,可快速代谢,见效更快。 

2、超短脉宽 PicoWay脉宽较短,脉宽越短,瞬间能量更强,因此能将色素颗粒分解得更加细小,有效破坏黑色素,直接缩短治疗时间和次数。 更强光斑 PicoWay完美投射全光斑点阵能量均一热伤害少、治疗舒适度大大提升,少副作用、恢复期短,除斑破坏力强,可祛除难除小粒子色素。

 3、创新3种波长 全球首款配备3种波长1064、532、785 作用于皮肤不同深度,实现全面祛斑,透到肌底的无暇。 

4、双波长全息衍射激光技术 先进全息技术,直达真皮深层,光斑更均匀,能量无损耗,针对皮肤纹理和光老化效果显著。 更深入化 全像聚焦技术深层穿透至真皮组织形成LIBO(空泡效应)完美祛除色斑的同时,通过皮肤愈合机制产生新的胶原蛋白与弹力纤维。


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