PicoSurePro Focus

Sun damage and the natural aging process can cause many aesthetic issues, including skin laxity, pigmentation issues, wrinkles, and scarring. However, not everyone is willing to undergo an invasive procedure to remedy these concerns. PicoSure Pro® Focus™ utilizes focused laser energy to target three different layers of the skin and improve the production of collagen and elastin. Patients can achieve results that are similar to those of a laser resurfacing procedure without discomfort or downtime.
Mill Creek Skin and Laser Center has been treating patients with the PicoSure laser since 2014. We are committed to offering our patients the best technology and isexcited to offer the new and more effective generation of PicoSure known as the PicoSure Pro!

PicoSure ProFocus vs. PicoSure Focus

  • PicoSure Pro Focus is the only picosecond device FDA-cleared to treat melasma pigment
  • PicoSure Pro Focus offers three times the absorption ratio of melanin to blood, making it the ideal wavelength for skin revitalization
  • It has the most clinical evidence than any other picosecond device in the industry

In the past, microneedling may have been the best option to treat these types of concerns. However, microneedling involves several downsides, including invasiveness, downtime, and the risk of infection. Microneedling may also cause hyperpigmentation instead of improving it. PicoSure® Focus™ is the only skin revitalization device of its kind.

PicoSurePro Focus

PicoSure Pro FocusPigment

The PicoSure Pro Focus delivers energy that results in a unique photomechanical effect that vibrates and shatters unwanted pigmentation. The unwanted pigment is converted into tiny sand- like particles which are absorbed and naturally removed by the body. After a few treatments PicoSure Pro Focus visibly clears the epidermal and dermal pigment without harming the surrounding skin.

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