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Dr. Dan Xu MD, CFPC, Founder and Medical Director

Unique among her peers as the Sole On-Site female Chinese physician in Toronto. Fluent in English & Mandarin, she has dedicated her career to the refinement of Asian Facial Lifting & Contouring techniques.

Dr. Dan Xu, a celebrated figure in Toronto’s Chinese medical community, exhibits an exceptional aesthetic sensibility. She deftly combines her artistry and medical knowledge to create natural facial landscapes, enhance skin vitality, and perform intricate injection procedures for lifting purposes.

Dr. Xu’s outstanding professional journey is marked by over 50,000 successful injection procedures, extending her expertise to more than 8,000 patients, including complex facial repair cases. This narration is a testament to Dr. Dan Xu’s unique blend of medical acumen and aesthetic finesse, rendered in an authoritative and professional voice befitting her accomplishments.

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What Makes Doctor. Xu Unique

More than 80,000 satisfaction cases

Canadian medical doctor, registered doctor MD, on-site consultation 6 days a week

Combining Chinese and Western aesthetics to create the perfect facial features most suitable for Asians​

The Special Invited Physician Advisor for Facial Contouring Injections from the Canadian Medical Aesthetics Association and the Asian Beauty Association.

One of the most famous medical aesthetic experts in Toronto​

KOL of Canadian Picosure & Picoway Company, KOL of Canadian Lutronic Company​

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Unit 113-115-116-117, 30 Gibson Dr.
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