HydraFacial 水飞梭 多伦多,哪些人适合做水飞梭?

HydraFacial 水飞梭 多伦多

HydraFacial 水飞梭 多伦多

HydraFacial water shuttle can deeply clean the skin, soften the cutin, and according to different skin conditions, choose different essences to import into the deep layer of the skin for repair. After treatment, it can play the role of skin rejuvenation, moisturizing, whitening and wrinkle removal. If you have the following skin problems, you can consider using HydraFacial to improve them.

Who is suitable for HydraFacial water shuttle:

Acne and Acne Sufferers
Patients with enlarged pores
distiller’s skin
seborrheic skin
dry skin, oily skin
sensitive skin
HydraFacial Water Scooper Toronto 2
HydraFacial Water Fraxel for Symptoms:

Effectively reduce fine lines and fade wrinkles
Increases skin elasticity and firmness
Improves symptoms of uneven skin tone
Improve skin inflammation symptoms
Improve skin’s deep texture
Effectively removes melasma and freckles
Effectively improve oily skin and acne skin
tighten pores
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Why choose ID Medical Beauty?

Xu Dan, the attending doctor of ID Medical Beauty, is a doctor with a doctorate in medicine from Canada
Dr. Xu has a comprehensive understanding of North American aesthetics and the complexities of Asian facial structures
Combining Chinese and Western aesthetics to create the perfect facial features most suitable for Asians
80000+ safety operation satisfaction cases
Operated by an experienced Chinese female doctor
Bilingual on-site consultation, allowing you to experience safe treatment
Free appointment consultation

HydraFacial水飞梭能够深层清洁皮肤、软化角质,而且根据不同的肤质状况,选择不同的精华液导入皮肤深层进行修复。治疗之后可以起到焕肤、保湿、美白、除皱的效果。如果您有以下皮肤问题,那么就可以考虑通过 HydraFacial水飞梭 来改善


  1. 粉刺、痘痘患者
  2. 毛孔粗大患者
  3. 酒糟皮肤
  4. 脂漏性皮肤
  5. 干性皮肤、油性皮肤
  6. 敏感性皮肤
HydraFacial 水飞梭 多伦多

HydraFacial水飞梭 针对症状:

  1. 有效减少细纹,淡化皱纹
  2. 增加肌肤的弹性和坚固性
  3. 改善肤色不均的症状
  4. 改善肌肤发炎症状
  5. 改善肌肤深层肌理
  6. 有效去除黄褐斑和雀斑
  7. 有效改善油性皮肤和痘痘肌
  8. 收紧毛孔

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