How Does PicoSure Compare To Other Skin Treatments?

PicoSure has revolutionized the medical esthetic industry because it accomplishes so much more than most other available treatments and it has many benefits, all in one treatment and with no downtime. The most common treatments that PicoSure can replace are:

1. Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

This technique is otherwise known as Photorejuvenation. It has been the “bread and butter“ of many medical esthetic treatments for almost two decades. IPL treats the superficial skin, targeting redness, brown spots and stimulating collagen. It is still one our favourite “go-to” treatments, especially for lighter skin.
PicoSure can treat deeper into the skin than IPL, however, so it has become our first recommendation for clients who have darker skin types. PicoSure carries much less risk than IPL for hyperpigmentation and brown spots.
One of the few issues PicoSure laser does not address is redness of the skin. For clients with rosacea, we primarily recommend IPL. For clients with redness but not rosacea, they can still benefit from PicoSure treatments for pigmentation, acne scars or skin rejuvenation, followed by IPL to target redness.

2. Fraxel Laser

For deep pitted scars, if the skin type is fair and not at high risk for hyperpigmentation, we may suggest the Fraxel laser. The client must be instructed that the Fraxel laser results in two to three days of redness and swelling that is significant enough to require time off work and activities. If the skin tone is darker or if there is any melasma present, however, we would suggest PicoSure.

3. Microneedling

Most clients who choose microneedling are usually on a budget and don’t mind some downtime (usually two to three days of redness and swelling) to address acne scars or skin irregularities.

4. Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, OxyGeneo Or Other Skin Treatments

These other skin treatments are very beneficial and can be used in conjunction with PicoSure, but they cannot achieve comparable results. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels and OxyGeneo are all great to exfoliate the skin, treating the superficial surface to give smoother, brighter, fresher skin. The PicoSure laser is treating the tissue at a much deeper level to achieve changes at the dermal-epidermal junction. We usually recommend alternating treatments every three weeks; we may start with one OxyGeneo treatment or chemical peel to exfoliate the skin, followed in three weeks by one PicoSure treatment. A series of three to four alternating treatments is then suggested along with medical-grade skincare products for optimal results.

How Do You Choose The Best Treatment For Each Client?

Each client is unique, so a personal consultation and customized treatment plan is crucial. Clients are assessed for their skin type, skin quality and skin concerns, along with their lifestyle and ability to accommodate downtime. As well, the client’s budget and their expectations for improvement must be determined. The cost for a single PicoSure treatment usually is around $800, and package prices are available. Although PicoSure is suitable for most clients, alternative treatments may need to be considered. Clients should choose their treatment provider carefully and have all benefits, risks and options discussed. Educating each client in a personal consultation will allow the client to be comfortable in choosing the safest and most appropriate treatment for their skin. 

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