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1. Portrayal 

Votiva is an ideal expansion to a developing section of practices that are hoping to enhance their training while at the same time tending to Women’s Health and Wellness. Votiva innovations treat a full scope of ladylike concerns, securely and successfully. 

Votiva™ is a sheltered and agreeable treatment that can give restoration to the outside and inner vaginal medical problems without the requirement for medical procedure. Votiva™ is an extraordinary treatment to help with the accompanying regular female wellbeing concerns: 

● Laxity and wrinkled appearance of the labia and vulva 

● Low blood stream and affectability 

● Pain sensation brought about by labial hypertrophy 

● Level of sexual intrigue and confidence 

● Weakening of the vaginal muscles 

● Loosened vaginal trench particularly after labor 

● Urinary stress incontinence (automatic trickling of pee) 

● Reduce dryness 

It is a basic treatment that has just helped numerous ladies. Conceiving an offspring, getting more seasoned and losing a ton of weight would all be able to add to inadequately upheld vaginal structures, characters by hanging, laxity, and inconvenience. With labor and maturing, it ordinarily brings about the augmenting of the vaginal channel which adds to diminished sensation and incitement during sex just as touchiness, dryness and torment. 

2. Preferred position 

1. Become piece of a developing section of ladies’ wellbeing and health 

2. Attract a more extensive patient base 

3. Offer an imaginative and flexible answer for your patients 

4. Benefit from extra income streams above oversaw care 

3. How it functions 

Votiva™ can help unravel issues from maturing and vaginal labor. It utilizes delicate controlled volumetric warming of tissue decreases torment, improves blood dissemination and animates the muscle. The treatment utilizes two gadgets to boost results; Forma V™ and Fractora V™ and they are utilized to focus on the interior and outside vaginal issues with practically quick outcomes. The two handheld gadgets takes into account controlled development to address explicit territories of concern. It uses warming innovation to improve the laxity of the vagina and improve your method of life.so 

Forma V™ 

FormaV is a flexible warming apparatus that can be utilized easily on both the inner and outside vaginal tissues. FormaV’s™ warming innovation can be utilized for vaginal laxity and labial hypertrophy. FormaV™ permits your Registered Nurse to give a tweaked answer for your female wellbeing concerns. 

Fractora V™ 

FractoraV™ utilizes profound warming innovation to improve skin tone issues through reemerging. This instrument considers full profundity warming which improves elastin and collagen. This improvement emphatically impacts a lady’s female wellbeing as well as her general personal satisfaction. 

4. Proccedure 

Patients can hope to feel a warming sensation during treatment. Results can be felt and seen promptly, with proceeded with results over the next weeks or various medicines. 


Contingent upon the power of the treatment, there is practically no personal time. Most patients may have slight uneasiness during and following treatment. A few patients will encounter no distress by any stretch of the imagination. 

5. Treatment Areas 

6. Result 

Results after Votiva™ are practically moment with the best outcomes perceptible in half a month. As Votiva™ is a noninvasive treatment, it implies a quicker assistance with quicker outcomes for you with no personal time. 

7. Best Candidates 

Votiva™ will function admirably for the individuals who have experienced menopause or encountering side effects like postmenopausal ladies, conceived an offspring or encountering vaginal dryness. 

Perfect contender for Votiva incorporate ladies who display the accompanying: 

● Vulvar and vaginal laxity 

● Weakened pelvic floor 

● Enlarged or lengthened labia 

● Vaginal dryness 

● Decreased sexual capacity 

8. Contraindicated applicants 


1. Portrayal 

The O-Shot is a safe and non-surgery to assist ladies with having an improved sexual encounter. The O-Shot is ordinarily utilized for ladies who are encountering a diminished moxie (sex drive), vaginal dryness from menopause or bosom disease treatment, a diminished capacity to climax, or stress actuated urinary incontinence. 

2. Preferred position 

● Decreased urinary spillage 

● Increased vaginal skin snugness 

● Increased sexual want 

● Increase sexual affectability 

● No down time 

3. How it functions 

To start the O-Shot, a nearby sedative is applied to the vagina and genital zone. Blood is drawn from the arm, like how a blood test is done and the blood is then placed into a rotator. In the axis, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) are separated, which conveys supplements and development factors. 

The PRP is infused into your vagina and clitoris, which at that point invigorates undifferentiated cells to become new, more beneficial vaginal tissue, discharging the advantages of the shot. 

4. Proccedure 

The strategy is extremely direct. Initial, one of our suppliers will draw a portion of your blood by venipuncture. Next, Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is extricated from the blood after it is centrifuged. After the zone is desensitized with effective neighborhood sedative at that point infused close to the clitoris and upper vagina. The plasma would then be able to revive the cells and blood flexibly of the tissue after some time. For the best outcomes, a progression of three infusions will be finished. The infusions will be divided 4 a month and a half separated. 


The most well-known symptoms incorporate, brief skin responses, for example, redness, torment/delicacy, immovability, growing, irregularities/knocks, wounding. 

5. Treatment Areas 

6. Result 

An O-Shot is a speedy, non-surgery which takes around 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Ladies can encounter prompt outcomes, and can last as long as year and a half. 

Ladies who experience an O-Shot can appreciate: 

Improved Orgasms 

Expanded sexual moxie 

Diminished vaginal dryness 

Diminished vaginal laxity 

Diminished urinary incontinence 

7. Best Candidates 

Ladies considered great contender for the O-Shot Plus™ are in any case solid ladies who every now and again experience torment during intercourse (dyspareunia). Vaginal tissue that is too close or free may likewise bring about trouble accomplishing vaginal climaxes. While grown-up ladies in all age gatherings may profit by the treatment, it’s not uncommon for ladies who have experienced menopause to see issues with a change in vaginal flexibility. On the off chance that this is the thing that you are encountering, the O-Shot Plus™ may turn around these issues by animating new tissue development. In the event that you are a lady with worries about sexual wellbeing, you may likewise profit by this kind of treatment, particularly in the event that you are managing any of the accompanying issues or concerns: 

• Difficulty with excitement from clitoral incitement 

• External vaginal skin that is not, at this point smooth 

• Overactive bladder and additionally urinary incontinence issues 

• Decreased vaginal oil 

8. Contraindicated competitors

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