Many people believe that aging occurs abruptly, but in reality, the process of aging subtly starts as we step into our twenties.

Everyone desires to age gracefully in the sands of time. Is it possible to slow this aging process? In fact, skin aging is not only due to daily sun exposure but is also related to our genes and several other factors.

To address this, ID Cosmetic Clinic has introduced professional anti-aging programs, allowing you to radiate more youthful vitality and glow with health and beauty throughout the years.

Each individual has unique skin conditions and responses to treatments. It’s crucial to consult with a physician to formulate an accurate treatment plan based on your medical history, drug reactions, and responses to previous treatments like lasers. The plan is frequently adjusted to optimize results. Therefore, personal consultation is necessary before deciding on a treatment plan; the following are merely examples for reference.

Available Treatments

Ultherapy® is the long-awaited solution for those experiencing laxity or loosening of the skin on the neck, under the chin, or the forehead. Meet Ultherapy®—once, surgery was the only option to address loose skin; Ultherapy® introduces an effective, non-invasive alternative. Using the power of ultrasound energy, Ultherapy® penetrates deep into the dermis to stimulate collagen production. With just one treatment, it lifts and tightens the skin, rejuvenating youthful vitality.

Thermage is a safe, non-invasive treatment method certified by Health Canada and the FDA. Thermage utilizes monopolar radiofrequency, causing the water molecules within the skin of the treated area to oscillate and rotate at high speeds, generating heat. This heat can stimulate a substantial regeneration and tight alignment of collagen, allowing the skin to regain its elasticity and vitality, becoming more firm and tight.

For many beauty seekers, they are unwilling to accept the aging of facial skin as they grow older. Among various anti-aging methods, Fotona 4D® Laser Face Lift is a preferable choice of non-surgical laser treatment, as it can effectively lift and tighten the skin while maintaining a natural appearance.

Fotona™ Tight laser tightening treatment, with its unique technology, gently stimulates collagen and rebuilds skin structure. This procedure requires no downtime, and you will feel comfortable and pleased during the process. Just within a lunch break’s time, your skin’s laxity issues can be addressed, effortlessly restoring it to a youthful and firm state.

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