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The labia, like other parts of the body, are vulnerable to signs of aging, which can affect both their appearance and comfort. Labia puffing can address both of these concerns. The labia majora, or outer lips, can become wrinkled and lose elasticity and tone over time, partly due to a decrease in estrogen levels resulting from childbirth, menopause, or extreme weight loss. This can cause the labia minora, or inner lips, to become more noticeable and darker, hanging down past the edges of the labia majora. This can result in flat and sagging labia, which can make the vulva appear aged.

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However, we can achieve the result of increasing the volume of your labia majora in a natural way by using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) extracted from your own blood. PRP is a natural substance that contains stem cells, growth factors, and other active ingredients that promote natural healing, repair, and tissue regeneration. The PRP is extracted from a blood sample, and when injected into the skin, it can change the texture by making it firmer, tighter, and more youthful. This treatment can help improve the appearance of your labia majora by increasing their volume using your own natural substances.