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Elevate Your Recovery with Post Care Procedure at ID Cosmetic Clinic

Skin treatments have become a quintessential part of our beauty regimes, promising rejuvenation and radiance. However, post-treatment redness and inflammation can often be inconvenient and uncomfortable. This is where our exquisite Immediate Post Care Treatment at ID Cosmetic Clinic steps in, promising a swift and soothing recovery experience, minimizing downtime, and enhancing treatment results.

A Symphony of Soothing and Healing:

Our exclusive treatment uses patented hydrogen capture and oxygen infusion technology to calm the skin post energy or heat-based treatments. This indulgent procedure not only promotes faster healing but also deposits moisture deep within your skin, leaving it feeling supple and thoroughly hydrated. It’s the perfect blend of luxury and relaxation, reducing your downtime and enhancing your skin’s natural resilience.

Exceptional Benefits:

  • Minimized Downtime: Accelerates the recovery process post-treatment.
  • Reduction in Redness & Irritation: Soothes and calms the skin effectively.
  • Optimized Hydration: Helps to combat Trans-Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).
  • Deep Nutrient Delivery: Utilizes proprietary technology to infuse nutrients deep into the skin.
  • Prevents Hypopigmentation: Helps in minimizing the risk post laser treatments.
  • Barrier Recovery: Aids in the speedy recovery of the skin barrier.

The Science Behind

Our Immediate Post Care Treatment harnesses hydrogen capture technology, depositing powerful antioxidants into the skin to combat damaging free radicals. Following this, ultrasound technology is employed to infuse our custom-made Skin Nutrition serum, ensuring moisture and nutrients reach the deeper layers of the skin, promoting healing four times faster than regular topical skin care.

Further, a Dynamic LED recovery treatment is incorporated, clinically proven to expedite healing for multiple skin conditions. The treatment concludes with an oxygen infusion, propelling the Skin Nutrition serum deep into the dermis, producing an antibacterial effect.

What to Anticipate:

  • Duration: 45 minutes of pure indulgence and relaxation.
  • Post Treatment Care: For optimum results, complement your in-clinic post-care treatment with our recommended skincare products.
  • Dr. Xu Dan, chief physician at ID Aesthetic Medicine, possesses a Canadian Medical Doctorate.
  • In-depth knowledge of North American aesthetics and Asian facial intricacies.
  • By integrating Eastern and Western aesthetics, she expertly crafts ideal facial features for Asians.
  • She boasts over 80,000 successful cases.
  • Dr. Xu has innovated a technique using injections for eye and face lifts, targeting the Asian facial profile.
  • Tailored solutions for your skin, emphasizing the medical core of aesthetic medicine.
  • As an experienced Chinese doctor, she personally conducts procedures.
  • Bilingual consultations are available on-site, ensuring safe treatments.
  • Free consultation appointments are offered.

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