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1. Description

Lumecca is an advancement serious beat light (IPL) that conveys up to 3X more vitality in the 500-600 nm range to improve adequacy for vascular and pigmented injuries. It is upgraded for clinicians to treat an assortment of injuries with less meetings. 

2. Preferred position 

High effectiveness of treatment because of high pinnacle power and upgraded yield. 

Complete photograph revival in 1 or 2 medicines for most patients versus 4-6 medicines with standard IPL’s. 

Decreases treatment time on account of enormous spot size and high heartbeat redundancy rate. 

Solid sapphire cooling tip brings about higher treatment comfort. 

3. How it functions 

As a rule, IPL innovation utilizes wide range light in the noticeable and close to infrared range from 515nm to about 1200nm. Focuses in the skin, for example, the color in age spots and the platelets in split vessels get the warmth from this transmitted light and separate. The body at that point either assimilates the rest of the pieces or they are sloughed off in the ordinary skin cycle. 

A progression of 4–6 treatments* is typically endorsed. The vitality boundaries are delicate, remembering our craving for a non-obtrusive, no personal time strategy for restoration. The vitality is, in any case, expanded with each visit to logically treat further or bigger targets. 

4. Proccedure 

A layer of cooling gel is applied over the influenced territory, and the patient wears defensive goggles. A little handpiece is put tenderly on the skin and the light is transmitted in beats constrained by the administrator to cover the region of wanted treatment. The sensation with each heartbeat of the laser resembles the snapping of an elastic band over the skin, and is commonly all around endured without the utilization of any absense of pain. Notwithstanding, a skin sedative can be applied before treatment. 

A normal treatment over the whole face takes around 20 minutes. After the treatment, the gel is cleared off and routine exercises can continue. 

There might be mellow redness which is commonly brief, and territories of pigmentation can get darker before sloughing off in seven days’ time. Medicines are commonly divided three weeks separated, with results beginning to show after the first or second treatment. 


Redness and a slight warming of the skin are ordinary after treatment and as a rule dies down inside 60 minutes. Throughout the following 24-48 hours you may see an obscuring of pigmented spots; in the week a short time later the pigmented sores drop off, prompting a night out of skin tone. In the wake of rewarding vascular sores you may see the vein whiten and vanish or a shading change in the vessel which disperses following a couple of days. 

5. Treatment Areas 

6. Result 

Sun harm and skin appearance results can be seen a couple of days after the principal meeting. The skin will keep on looking more youthful and increasingly splendid over the long run with most obvious outcomes following 1 fourteen days. Having numerous photofacial meetings will improve the conclusive outcome. For vascular medicines, for example, bug veins, results can be seen quickly in as long as about fourteen days. 

7. Best Candidates 

Individuals with white, untanned skin that is still to some degree versatile are the best contender for lumeca It is additionally significant for patients to have a reasonable comprehension about what the method can do. When performed on the opportune individual, it successfully improves skin surface, disposing of stains, lessening pore size, and limiting wrinkles and almost negligible differences. 

8. Non-Applicable Crowd

You might be not reasonable for Lumecca IPL treatment on the off chance that you 

have any ailment that may hinder skin recuperating 

have dynamic condition in the treatment zone, for example, wounds, psoriasis, dermatitis and rash 

have current or history of disease, particularly skin malignancy, or pre-harmful moles have pacemaker or inner defibrillator 

Pregnant or nursing

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