Hair loss, affecting approximately 32.13% of people worldwide, impacts appearance, confidence, and quality of life. 

ID Cosmetic Clinic offers a comprehensive hair regrowth treatment, beginning with a thorough diagnosis to understand each patient’s hair loss reasons. The clinic combines an assessment of health and nutritional status with advanced PRP serum technology, creating a personalized treatment plan that stimulates natural hair growth, helps patients regain lush hair, and ensures lasting results.

Each individual has unique skin conditions and responses to treatments. It’s crucial to consult with a physician to formulate an accurate treatment plan based on your medical history, drug reactions, and responses to previous treatments like lasers. The plan is frequently adjusted to optimize results. Therefore, personal consultation is necessary before deciding on a treatment plan; the following are merely examples for reference.

Available Treatments

Fotona’s HaiRestart® hair growth stimulation is an effective method for treating hair loss. This innovative solution focuses on stimulating dormant hair follicles to promote hair growth. Through the Fotona SMOOTH® mode, HaiRestart® ensures highly controlled energy delivery and optimal comfort for patients. Practitioners can effectively and safely provide a unique time and spatial temperature distribution to the scalp, thereby increasing tissue regeneration and promoting the growth of new hair follicles.

This is a non-invasive treatment method. The red light hair regrowth device irradiates the scalp directly with low-energy red light, not only avoiding the side effects of drugs but also eliminating the need for any surgery, ensuring safety and comfort.

PRP hair regrowth treatment is a relatively non-invasive method since it uses the patient’s own blood, reducing dependence on external substances and potential allergic reactions. It is considered a safe, effective, and sustainable approach to help improve hair loss issues and promote hair growth and density.

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