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Fotona face lift Toronto

Fotona face lift Toronto

Unveiling the Secret to Youthful Radiance: The FOTONA™ 4D® LIFT

In a world of constant movement, we understand that your time is priceless, and so we introduce you to the revolutionary Fotona™ 4D Lift—a groundbreaking multi-therapy treatment meticulously tailored just for you!

Fotona™ 4D Lift represents the pinnacle of aesthetic technology, promising to tighten, brighten, and retexture your skin in a single visit, restoring that elusive youthful glow.

A Closer Look at Fotona™ 4D® Lift

Fotona4D® is a trailblazing laser treatment that employs a distinctive combination of two complementary laser wavelengths to rejuvenate and tighten the skin from the inside out, focusing on four distinct “dimensions” of the skin. A non-surgical and non-invasive facelift alternative, Fotona4D® is renowned for delivering natural-looking and enduring results.

Fotona face lift Toronto

Rejuvenation and Beyond at ID Cosmetic Clinic

Whether it’s reducing pigmentation, resurfacing dull skin, reviving collagen production, or restoring youthfulness, Fotona™ 4D promises full-face rejuvenation in one session! The treatment is non-invasive, suitable for all skin types, and ensures minimal downtime, prioritizing your safety while maximizing results.

Fotona face lift Toronto

How Fotona™ 4D® Lift Works

Fotona™ 4D employs four dimensions of rejuvenation to tighten the skin from the inside out.

1D – SmoothLiftin™: The treatment commences inside the mouth, where laser energy initiates the tightening process around the jawline and perioral region, reducing expression lines and wrinkles naturally, reminiscent of a filler.

2D – FRAC3®: This stage focuses on deeper imperfections and pigments, targeting them precisely to restore a youthful texture and a more uniform complexion.

3D – PIANO®: A brushing technique is used in this step to safely and swiftly apply heating, generating an overall tightening effect and producing more firm and lifted skin.

4D – SupErficial™: The final step involves a light laser peel to refine the appearance of the skin and tackle surface-level imperfections, leaving your skin looking refreshed and tighter with a youthful glow!

Fotona face lift Toronto

What to Expect

Duration: 45-60 minutes per session

Recommended Sessions: 2 treatments spaced 4 – 6 weeks apart with maintenance as desired.

After Treatment Care: Sunscreen is a must, and sun exposure should be avoided for 2 weeks post-treatment.

Discover a New You at ID Cosmetic Clinic!

Fotona™ 4D Lift is more than a treatment; it’s an experience that promises to reinvent your skin and restore your confidence. It offers a painless and effective route to address mild skin laxity, lines, uneven tone, and texture, leaving you with a revitalized and youthful appearance.

  • Dr. Xu Dan, chief physician at ID Aesthetic Medicine, possesses a Canadian Medical Doctorate.
  • In-depth knowledge of North American aesthetics and Asian facial intricacies.
  • By integrating Eastern and Western aesthetics, she expertly crafts ideal facial features for Asians.
  • She boasts over 80,000 successful cases.
  • Dr. Xu has innovated a technique using injections for eye and face lifts, targeting the Asian facial profile.
  • Tailored solutions for your skin, emphasizing the medical core of aesthetic medicine.
  • As an experienced Chinese doctor, she personally conducts procedures.
  • Bilingual consultations are available on-site, ensuring safe treatments.
  • Free consultation appointments are offered.
Fotona face lift Toronto

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