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A) ID bone shape facial shaping

  1. Description
    Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance that is already found in your skin. It helps keep skin plump and hydrated. HA fillers are typically soft and gel-like. The results are temporary, lasting 6 to 12 months or longer before the body gradually and Natural absorbs the particles. Most HA fillers are infused with lidocaine to help minimize discomfort during and after treatment. FDA approved. Hyaluronic acid comes from biological tissues, and its composition is almost completely equal to the hyaluronic acid in the human body, so it will not produce rejection, and it is very safe without any side effects. Using injection method, like injection, there is only slight swelling and pain in the local area, no big pain, no non-invasive shaping, no recovery period, and no impact on daily work and life after injection. Natural effect, softer and more natural than ordinary prosthesis. Using hyaluronic acid to fill the cheeks, temples, brow bones, depressions in the eye sockets, and heal scars, etc., can achieve the effect of changing appearance immediately.

Hyaluronic acid, also called hyaluronic acid or uronic acid for short, is a component present in human tissues. It has excellent biocompatibility and is a fast and safe filling treatment. Hyaluronic acid, as a naturally occurring substance in human body, is currently the most ideal filling and shaping product. It has both super moisturizing effect and perfect wrinkle removal function.

  1. Advantage
    Hyaluronic acid comes from biological tissues, so human skin tissues will not be rejected. Using this method to solve facial shaping is very safe without any side effects.
  2. Using injection method, like injection, there is only slight swelling and slight pain in the local area, and there is no great pain, which is easy for those who seek beauty.
  3. The effect of hyaluronic acid injection shaping is immediate.
  4. Hyaluronic acid injection shaping does not affect daily work and life.
  5. The hyaluronic acid injection shaping effect is more natural and softer than ordinary prosthesis.
  6. How it works
  7. Proccedure

Side Effects

Tylenol can be taken to help reduce swelling or relieve pain;
Qualitative after 24 hours of injection, avoid touching the injection site during the injection;
Avoid massaging the injection site within a week to avoid the displacement of hyaluronic acid;
Avoid strenuous exercise for a week, prohibit drinking wine, sauna.

After injection
Hyaluronic acid is injected once, and it is generally maintained for about one year according to the difference in personal constitution. If it is the first injection of hyaluronic acid, the rate of loss will be relatively faster, and the maintenance time may be shorter. Once you notice that the effect of hyaluronic acid has subsided, you can inject again.
Although hyaluronic acid cannot be maintained permanently, if multiple injections of hyaluronic acid can be used, the cosmetic effect can be maintained for a longer period of time. Generally speaking, the hyaluronic acid will slowly lose after injection, and supplementing the hyaluronic acid before the loss is completed can maintain the effect for a longer time.

  1. Treatment Areas
  2. Hyaluronic acid injection in the depression of the face
    Sculpting the face shape, such as modifying the cheek depression, filling the chin, [1] Hyaluronic acid injection can modify the face shape, such as double cheek depression, temple depression, can also be used to sculpt the lower cheek curve, making the overall face shape more perfect.
  3. Hyaluronic acid injection in the eyes
    Eye beautification, such as improving tear-groove dark circles and raising eyebrows. Tear-groove bags under the eyes can be said to be quite difficult to correct. Regardless of the use of fat transposition, autologous fat filling, and hyaluronic acid to fill the depression to improve the bags under the eyes and dark circles, the effect is good without the need for surgery.
  4. Hyaluronic acid injection lips
    Enrich lips and beautify lip shape. The methods of enlarging lips include American-style lip-enriching method and Korean-style lip-enriching method, emphasizing lip lines and lip beads, so that lips are plump and facial lines are more dimensional.
  5. Hyaluronic acid injection into the nose
    Rhinoplasty, nose shape modification, people who are afraid of surgery or want to adapt to the shape of the nose pad first, or only want to modify the nose shape slightly, you can consider hyaluronic acid injection.
  6. Hyaluronic acid injection acne pit
    Fill in cavities and acne scars. For some large chicken pox and acne cavities, pulse light therapy or laser treatment cannot be used. You can first use a thin needle to flatten the cavities and then completely fill them with hyaluronic acid.
  7. Result
  8. Best Candidates
    Nose: Solve the nose condition such as collapsed nose bridge and imperfect nose shape.
    Lips: Improves lip problems such as no lip beads, unsatisfactory lip shape.
    Chin: Solve the problems of short chin, insufficient chin, not sharp enough.
    Cheeks: The cheeks are sunken, not full, and lack a three-dimensional feel.
    Temple: Solve the depression of the natural temple, the brow bone is flat.
    Other problems: sunken eye sockets.
  9. Contraindicated candidates


  1. Sagging forehead, plastic injection
    Many people, because their foreheads are relatively flat, may look less atmospheric and beautiful as a whole, so they choose to fill their foreheads to fuller. Positive effect of beautiful forehead: From the front, there should be no depressions on the forehead, smooth and smooth. To give people a smooth, full feeling. Side effect: From the side, the height of the forehead is the highest, the height of the highest position of the forehead is at least 5 mm higher than the position of the sharp nose bridge of the two eyes. The part where the forehead and nose are connected is naturally connected.
    Medical and aesthetic plastic surgery generally uses hyaluronic acid to fill the forehead.
    The forehead is the part of the face that best reflects the thinking, feelings and spirit of a person. A well-developed forehead can fully realize the beauty of health and wisdom.
    Different nationalities have different aesthetics. The standard of the Chinese people’s forehead beauty should be flat and slightly convex upward, and smoothly and smoothly transition to the base of the nose. Its arc is beautiful and smooth, and the nose angle formed is about 135 degrees. A soft and natural S-shaped line is formed from the forehead to the tip of the nose, which makes the appearance show a beautiful curve.
    In clinical practice, many women require that the flat forehead be injected with fullness and roundness to enhance the texture of the face, and show a lively and youthful appearance.
  2. Brow bone filling, shaping the brow area and supraorbital area
    Eyebrow arch filling surgery is a kind of bone reconstruction surgery. Eyebrow arch filling surgery is similar to rhinoplasty and chin augmentation. They are filled with certain prosthetic materials, which can make the eyebrows too low and conspicuous. Protrusion, forehead is too flat, lack of three-dimensional sense to improve the situation.
    Sculpture the shape and thickness of the prosthesis before surgery. Under local anesthesia, make a small incision (in the brow or tail) into the frontal surface to form a cavity, and then put the prosthesis.
    Postoperative compression bandaging, regular suture removal, incision scars are generally not obvious.
    The raised eyebrow arch can enhance the three-dimensional sense of the face, which looks deep and mysterious. By filling the eyebrow arch, you can get a more three-dimensional facial appearance.
    The method is to inject a small amount of filler into the eyebrows and under the skin slightly, so that the face can be lifted and a feeling of raising eyebrows can be produced.
    The filling treatment of the depression in the supraorbital area can be used for the atrophy of the fat and bone tissue in the supraorbital area due to age. It can also be used to correct patients with excessive orbital septal fat removed by double eyelid surgery.
  3. Shaping the suborbital area
    The shaping of the infraorbital area is the filling injected into the depression of the lower eyelid. In some patients, the lower eyelid is too flat, and some patients have too much fat removed during the operation of the eye bag, which results in the lack of a normal curve of the lower eyelid. .
  4. Fengzhi (apple muscle)
    Many young girls in the inverted triangle area of ​​the zygomatic area under the eyes will bulge slightly when laughing, as cute as an apple, so it is commonly known as “apple muscle”.
    The full zygomatic part is a symbol of youth and sweetness, which can make the smile look particularly charming. During infancy, the zygomatic area is most plump and protruding. As the growth develops, the zygomatic fat pad gradually shrinks and the zygomatic area gradually flattens. With the increase of age, the collagen and fat in the skin are lost, the zygomatic area is dented, and the skin appears wrinkled and begins to sag, looking old, unconscious and haggard.
    Through the injection of fillers, the zygomatic area and the entire face shape can become three-dimensional and plump again, and the smile becomes sweeter. Some people have congenital depression of the cheekbones, which leads to a flat face, but lacks three-dimensional beauty. It can also be corrected by injection of fillers. In addition, people with higher cheekbones can play a softening effect by injecting the surrounding tissues.
  5. Feng Temple (Temple)
    Solve the depression of the temple caused by congenital or aging to achieve a full and rounded beauty.
  6. Hyaluronic acid shaping-rhinoplasty
    Injecting rhinoplasty is a kind of rhinoplasty by injection, which is achieved by filling the skin tissue of the nose with a substance. No need to cut the skin tissue of the nose, the filling effect can be achieved only by injection.
    Injected rhinoplasty, also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, such as collagen, hyaluronic acid, microcrystalline porcelain, to change and shape. Fill the flattened part of the nose with a filler to create a sharp angle or smooth appearance. The whole process will not change the size of the nose, but it can still be used to correct some functional birth defects.
    Hyaluronic acid
    The first injection of rhinoplasty material: hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid is part of the human dermal tissue. Hyaluronic acid is injected into the creases and depressions of the dermis with a filler to achieve an immediate plump and rounded effect. The use of hyaluronic acid, an injecting rhinoplasty material, has the advantages of short treatment time, obvious effect and high safety.
    The advantages of hyaluronic acid injection rhinoplasty materials:
  7. Short treatment time: 20 minutes.
  8. Quick effect: effective on the spot.
  9. It is safe and avoids the risk of surgery.
  10. Eliminate the fear of surgery.
  11. No recovery time is required.
  12. Filling uniformly, there will be no ribs or granular materials remaining.
  13. The natural content of hyaluronic acid comes from biological tissues, so there is no foreign body sensation and foreign substances remain.
  14. Injecting rhinoplasty often does not require a knife, no pain, and has quick results. After the injection of rhinoplasty, it can be normal activities, does not affect daily work and life, and has no side effects. Injecting rhinoplasty is like a piece of meat growing naturally, and it is very natural, and you don’t have to worry about abnormal phenomena when you touch your nose.
  15. The effect of injection rhinoplasty will be much better than the traditional prosthesis rhinoplasty. Because the injected material penetrates into the skin and gradually merges with the skin, it gradually becomes a part of the skin. Prosthetic rhinoplasty is to change the skeleton of the entire nose, and injection rhinoplasty is to change the small parts of the nose, which is more natural than prosthetic rhinoplasty.
  16. This method of injecting rhinoplasty is very effective from the aspects of safety, the natural degree of postoperative rhinoplasty, and the softness of the nose. Rhinoplasty injection can be shaped quickly. Generally, the injection of rhinoplasty can be completed within a short time after the injection is completed, and there is no unevenness.

Adapt to the crowd
Low nose: The bridge of the nose is low and flat, and the entire face lacks a three-dimensional effect.
Saddle Nose: Most of the nose bridge and cartilage are sunken, and the tip of the nose is upward, shaped like a saddle.
Straight nose: The bridge of the nose is acceptable, but the shape is straight and lacks the sense of cone.
Nose tip drooping nose: Nose tip drooping, the highest point of the nose is on the back of the nose.
Nose root flat nose: Nose root flat, nasal body shorter, disproportionate.
Wavy nose: The central axis of the back of the nose is incomplete and smooth.
Nostrils lying on the nose: Nostrils are “eight” shape, wide and flat nose.

  1. Those with allergies are not suitable for injection rhinoplasty, so as not to threaten their health.
  2. No rhinoplasty for patients with cardiovascular disease.
  3. People with abnormal nerves should not inject rhinoplasty to avoid affecting the effect of rhinoplasty.
  4. Those who have too high expectations for rhinoplasty are prohibited from injection rhinoplasty.
  5. Those who have injected their filling materials are prohibited from injecting rhinoplasty to avoid adversely affecting the safety and effectiveness of injecting rhinoplasty.
    Operation process
  6. Clean the treatment site, 1-2 minutes
  7. Apply topical anesthetic to the treatment site, wait 15 minutes.
  8. Disinfect the treatment site for 1-2 minutes.
  9. Injection, 15-30 minutes.
  10. After the injection is completed, the doctor massages and squeezes the injection site evenly to pinch out the desired nose shape for 3-5 minutes.
    Preoperative matters
  11. Be fully psychologically prepared. Choosing a trusted medical unit or doctor to perform the operation is a prerequisite. After understanding the procedure involved in the operation, communicate with your doctor and collaborate with the doctor to design and realize your beautiful rhinoplasty. It must be emphasized that although hyaluronic acid works well, if used improperly, the consequences are serious.
  12. Before rhinoplasty with hyaluronic acid injection, you must have a certain understanding of rhinoplasty, check more books, find more information online, ask more people who have done this kind of surgery, consult a doctor in a regular hospital, and be in the heart of the whole process Know everything.
  13. Before hyaluronic acid injection and rhinoplasty, facial cleansing must be done well, and there must be no bacterial viruses such as folliculitis and boils on the face.
  14. Women must not perform this operation during the period of the official holiday to prevent postoperative infection.
    Postoperative matters
  15. Within 6 hours after injection, please avoid touching the injection area. During this period, you can use water and soap to clean gently, and slight makeup removal is allowed.
  16. After the injection, do not expose the treatment area to extremely hot conditions, such as sunbathing or sun exposure or in extremely cold places.
  17. After hyaluronic acid injection, patients may be asked to do a wet compress (or ice mask) to reduce discomfort.
  18. If aspirin or other similar anticoagulant drugs are useful, bruising and bleeding are more likely to occur at the injection site, and it is best to stop for a few days before injection.
    Advantages and disadvantages of rhinoplasty by injection Advantages of rhinoplasty by injection: surgery does not even require anesthesia; surgery requires only one injection, injection and shaping, which can be completed in a few minutes, and the patient is less painful.
    Postoperative recovery
    Generally, half a month after the injection of hyaluronic acid can be basically set, so the overall time is not very long. In addition, the recovery after hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty is also related to the following factors:
  19. The recovery after hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty is related to the beauty of the person seeking beauty;
  20. The recovery after hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty is related to the postoperative care of the beauty seeker;
  21. The recovery after hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty is related to the amount of hyaluronic acid injection. If the shape before the nose is okay, the injection of hyaluronic acid is less, and the recovery time is less;
  22. Do not massage on the treatment site especially during the recovery of injection rhinoplasty;
  23. Within 24 hours after the injection rhinoplasty, in order to fix the shape, it is necessary to avoid touching the injection area;
  24. To avoid intense exercise within a short time after injection rhinoplasty;
  25. One week after injection rhinoplasty, you should be spared sauna
  26. Do not apply ice or hot compress on the injection site during the recovery period of rhinoplasty.
    Hyaluronic acid rhinoplasty is a micro-shaping cosmetic technique to achieve rhinoplasty by injecting hyaluronic acid to fill the nose. Hyaluronic acid is present in human skin tissues, and injection of hyaluronic acid also

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