Dr dan xu

An Early Passion & Dedication for Medicine

In the early chapters of her life, Dr Dan Xu bore witness to her grandmother’s struggle with a hemorrhagic stroke, an event that seeded significant apprehension during her formative years. This traumatic incident ignited a profound curiosity in her, a quest to understand the cause and prevention of such a condition that consumed many of her adolescent hours. It was this passion to preempt illness and suffering in others that ultimately guided her towards the path of medicine, fostering an ambition to become a physician.

Despite the chorus of skepticism surrounding the prospects of an international Chinese student’s journey into medicine, Dr. Xu remained undeterred. Her pursuit, a testament to her unwavering commitment and tenacity, led to her successful MCAT undertaking, an acceptance to Memorial University, and an impressive graduation, adorned by her name on the Dean’s Honor List.

Dr dan xu

A Personal Journey with Beauty

In her youth, as a rare international high school scholar gaining admission into a Canadian medical school, Dr. Xu often found herself contemplating the starlets of Korean dramas, feelings of inadequacy creeping in as she compared herself to them.

As with many young women, this deep-rooted insecurity nudged her towards adopting severe dieting measures to eliminate excess facial fat. Far from achieving her desired effect, the lack of proper nutrition led to an unhealthy appearance and skin breakouts, amplifying her self-consciousness.

This journey of self-discovery, and the perspective it bestowed, marked the genesis of her fervent interest in cosmetic medicine and inspired her to inaugurate ID Cosmetic Clinic. Embracing Asian aesthetics from a standpoint of empowerment, Dr. Xu sought to diverge from the prevalent narrative of “not being good enough” that reverberates in clinics across Korea and throughout Asia.

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