Fractora磁针 是如何治疗皮肤的?工作原理

Fractora 磁针

Fractora Magnetic Needle How it works:

Fractora magnetic needles coagulate to stimulate collagen production through fractional radiofrequency. This improves skin quality for a more balanced complexion and youthful appearance and is suitable for all skin types. Fractora is also very effective in treating acne scars and active acne (even cystic acne).

A non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment, Fractora delivers radio frequency energy just below the skin’s surface via microneedles. The Fractora RF device creates micro-lesions in the dermis and heats the skin through tiny microneedles and fractionated RF energy.

Fractora magnetic needle
This triggers the skin’s self-healing response, restructuring existing collagen, stimulating more collagen production, and increasing cell turnover. The skin is firmer and the complexion more even. Plus, it helps reduce acne by shrinking the skin’s oil glands.

Because this treatment generally promotes healthy new skin, it can be effective in treating many concerns, including fine lines and wrinkles, mild sagging, scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and even active acne.

Although it is most commonly used on the face and neck, Fractora microneedling can also be used on any other area of the body.

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Fractora 磁针 工作原理:

Fractora 磁针 通过分级射频,凝固刺激胶原蛋白的产生。这可以改善皮肤质量,实现更平衡的肤色和年轻的外观,适用于所有皮肤类型。Fractora在治疗痤疮疤痕和活动性痤疮(甚至是囊性痤疮)上也有非常好的效果。

作为一种非手术的嫩肤治疗,Fractora 通过微针在皮肤表面下方提供射频能量。Fractora 射频设备通过细小的微针和分馏的射频能量在真皮造成微损伤并加热皮肤

Fractora 磁针



虽然它最常用于面部和颈部,但 Fractora 微针也可以治疗身体的任何其他部位。

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