Fotona 4D 欧洲之星 常见问题解答!

Fotona 4D 欧洲之星

Will Fotona 4D treatment be painful?

During the Fotona 4D treatment, there is no need to apply anesthesia. During the treatment, there will only be a warm feeling and almost no pain. Even people with sensitive skin can do it easily.

How many times does Fotona 4D need to be done?

For people with good skin condition, the therapeutic effect of Fotona 4D Eurostar can last for about half a year. For people with serious sagging facial lines, it takes 3-5 treatments before there will be a more obvious improvement and a sustained effect.

How long is the recovery period after Fotona 4D treatment?

After Fotona 4D treatment, you can live and work normally. After 24 hours of treatment, you can clean and skin care normally, and you can also make up without special recovery and care.

Are there risks with Fotona 4D treatment?

A small number of patients experienced mild erythema and edema after treatment, and these symptoms generally subsided within 24 hours.

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Why choose ID Medical Beauty?

Xu Dan, the attending doctor of ID Medical Beauty, is a doctor with a doctorate in medicine from Canada
Dr. Xu has a comprehensive understanding of North American aesthetics and the complexities of Asian facial structures
Combining Chinese and Western aesthetics to create the perfect facial features most suitable for Asians
80000+ safety operation satisfaction cases
Operated by an experienced Chinese female doctor
Bilingual on-site consultation, allowing you to experience safe treatment
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Fotona 4D治疗过程会痛吗?

Fotona 4D 治疗全程是不需要涂抹麻药的,治疗中只会有温热的感觉,几乎没有痛感。即便是敏感肌肤的人也可以轻松做下来。

Fotona 4D 需要做几次?

对于皮肤状况良好的人,Fotona 4D欧洲之星 的治疗效果可以维持半年左右。对于面部线条下垂比较严重的人,要通过3-5次的治疗才会有比较明显的提升,和持续性的效果。

Fotona 4D 治疗后恢复期多长?

Fotona 4D治疗完成后即可正常的生活和工作,治疗24小时之后可以正常清洁和护肤,也可以化妆,无需特别的恢复和护理。

Fotona 4D 治疗有风险吗?


Fotona 4D 欧洲之星

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