Development History of ID Cosmetic Clinic

Devevelopment of ID Cosmetic Clinic

Cosmetic Clinic Toronto

Cosmetic Clinic Toronto

Dear valued ID Clinic customers:

On this warm summer day, Dr. Dan Xu, the founder of ID Cosmetic Clinic, would like to take this opportunity to share with you the development of our clinic. From the seed germination in the year of 2017 to the gradual growth today, ID’s growth and development cannot be separated from the trust and support of every customer. 

Along with the launch of ID Cosmetic Clinic APP, Dr. Xu decided to conduct a large-scale promotion event to give back to our clients to express our deep gratitude.

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2017— The clinic was founded with 1 Unit and all started from 0.

At the end of the year 2017, ID Cosmetic Clinic opened a new chapter in hope and anticipation. From a blank Unit, we set up a comfortable and beautiful environment, which is our medical aesthetic clinic, ID Cosmetic Clinic. We started our medical aesthetic journey dedicatedly, using our skills and expertise to make every guest who comes to our clinic more beautiful and confident.

Cosmetic Clinic Toronto

2019— The first expansion of the clinic to 2 Units with 3000+ clients.

By 2019, we were able to expand our business because of your support. That year, we expanded our clinic in place, adding more facilities and services. We began to offer a wider variety of medical aesthetic treatments and brought in more state-of-the-art equipment, in order to provide a better, more personalized service.

Cosmetic Clinic Toronto

In 2021— the clinic expands for the second time to 4 Units with 8000+ clients.

The year 2021 was a significant year for us. In our continued rapid growth, we have once again expanded our clinic and introduced more specialized technology and advanced equipment. Our team has also been able to grow. In such growth, you have always been our source of strength. Your smiles, your satisfaction, your trust, are our motivation to move forward.

Cosmetic Clinic Toronto

2023— Official App Launched with 15000+ clients.

In 2023, along with your support and trust, the clinic is gradually growing, as the clinic is getting busier and busier, in order to better take care of each customer’s, also for better knowing our clinic and reasonable arrangement of your own appointment time, this year ID Cosmetic Clinic formally launched our own APP. We are grateful to all our valued clients who have chosen ID Cosmetic Clinic, trusted us and supported us over the past 7 years. For this reason, we have decided to organize a large-scale customer feedback event in this hot summer to express our most sincere respect.

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Cosmetic Clinic Toronto

Thank you once again to all of ID’s valued clients, your support has allowed us to grow and give us the opportunity to leave a beautiful mark on the world. Let’s celebrate this milestone together and look forward to sharing the joy at our events.

Please also look forward to the upcoming interview with Dr. Xu and ID Clinic on CTV, Canadian Health & Family channel in September, where Dr. Xu will be chatting with you about medical beauty in Canada.

Cosmetic Clinic Toronto

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