Botox 肉毒杆菌 多伦多

Botox 肉毒杆菌 多伦多

Botox is a biological agent that can be absorbed by the body within a few hours after injection. By blocking the conduction function of facial nerve endings, the muscles can rest naturally and wrinkles can be reduced. The treatment does not require surgery, does not use anesthesia, has no side effects, and is safe and reliable.

Botox Toronto is commonly used to treat:

Wrinkles between the eyebrows
Forehead lines
Eye Wrinkles
eyelid wrinkles
Law pattern
crow’s feet
lip lines
Jaw lines
Neck lines
Botox Botox Toronto Treatment Features:

Botox Botox treatment time is short, the injection time only takes about 10 minutes
Botox Botox treatment works quickly, the effect of wrinkle reduction is obvious in 2-7 days, and the effect is continuous
Anesthesia or sedatives are not suitable for treatment, safe and reliable
Mild pain during treatment
No special care is required after the injection, and you can live and socialize normally
The treatment is trauma-free and leaves no scars
Precise injection to accurately eliminate facial wrinkles

Botox 中文 肉毒杆菌属于生物制剂,在注射后的几小时内就可以被人体吸收,通过对面部神经末梢传导功能的阻断,使肌肉自然休息,减少皱纹。治疗无需手术,不使用麻醉剂,没有副作用,安全可靠。


  1. 两眉间皱纹
  2. 抬头纹
  3. 眼角皱纹
  4. 眼睑皱纹
  5. 法令纹
  6. 鱼尾纹
  7. 唇纹
  8. 下颚纹
  9. 颈纹

Botox 肉毒杆菌 多伦多


  1. Botox肉毒杆菌治疗时间短,注射时间只需10分钟左右
  2. Botox 肉毒杆菌治疗见效快,2-7天除皱效果明显,而且效果是持续性的
  3. 治疗不适用麻醉剂或者镇静剂,安全可靠
  4. 治疗过程痛感轻微
  5. 注射后不需要特别的护理,可以正常生活社交
  6. 治疗没有创伤,不会留下疤痕
  7. 精确注射,准确消除面部皱纹

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Botox 肉毒杆菌 多伦多
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Botox 肉毒杆菌 多伦多

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