Belkyra溶脂针 对人体多个部位的顽固脂肪都有很好的消除效果,例如脸部特别是下巴的多余脂肪、眼袋脂肪、鼻唇沟的脂肪等等。它与其他溶脂针的最大区别,就是Belkyra可以彻底代谢掉脂肪细胞。通过数个疗程的治疗,可以达到永久减脂的效果。

Belkyra溶脂针 在治疗后一个月内会持续的对局部脂肪组织产生溶脂反应,在治疗后1-2个月内可以持续看到效果。Belkyra溶脂针的治疗周期因人而异,但是基本注射间隔时间都要在1个月以上,大部分治疗者需要4个疗程左右达到最好效果











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Belkyra fat-dissolving has a good effect on eliminating stubborn fat in many parts of the human body, such as excess fat on the face, especially the chin, fat under the eyes, fat in the nasolabial fold, and so on. The biggest difference between it and other fat-melting injections is that Belkyra can completely metabolize fat cells. Through several courses of treatment, permanent fat loss can be achieved.

Belkyra fat-dissolving needles will continue to produce fat-dissolving reactions on local adipose tissue within one month after treatment, and the effect can be seen continuously within 1-2 months after treatment. The treatment cycle of Belkyra fat-dissolving injections varies from person to person, but the basic injection interval should be more than 1 month, and most patients need about 4 courses of treatment to achieve the best results.

Advantages of Belkyra Fat Dissolving Injection:

1. Belkyra is the world’s first facial fat-melting needle certified by multiple authoritative organizations (US FDA, Australia TGA, EU GMP, etc.)

2. Its main component is the chemical substance of the human body, which is safe and effective

3. Belkyra fat-melting needles have been listed and used in more than 100 countries around the world

4. Thoroughly crush fat cells, the effect is long-term effective and does not rebound

5. You can work and socialize normally on the day after treatment

6. No need for diet and surgery

7. Increase skin metabolism, promote blood circulation, and promote lymphatic circulation while melting fat

8. Belkyra fat-dissolving needles use non-invasive therapy, which is safe and effective

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